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  • My search for the most trusted and economic Lasik surgery came to end by speaking with Jovial Care team. I came to know about Jovial Care through my family doctor and I am very happy with my selection. Jovial Care arranged all my travel, doctor’s appointment, surgery scheduling, post-surgery follow up, trips around Mumbai, and communication with my doctor once I was back. I am highly impressed with the prompt and undeniably perfect service offered to me. I am surely going to recommend my friends and family.

    Abdul Rahim
    Abdul Rahim 34 years, Sudan
  • For past couple of years, I was looking for the best cosmetic doctor who can perform my surgery without charging me fortune. I did not wanted to spend my whole life saving, so I started looking for options outside. I’m so glad that I went with Jovial Care, and specially my contact point Harshit Kothari. He helped me at every stage of my journey and ensured that all my needs are met. I was really happy with the communication and consultation offered by Jovial Care team. I was highly impressed with the services offered by doctor and hospital staff.

    Michelle Lao
    Michelle Lao 42 years, USA
  • I visited India with my wife for the Facelift Procedure in Mumbai. I got connected with Vikrant Jain from Jovial Care, who take care of my travel, stay, and hospital needs. Jovial Care team was kind enough to provide me with a local sim card, money exchange service, received me at the airport, and were there at the hospital during surgery. After my surgery, Vikrant arranged a private taxi for my family to visit tourist places around Mumbai and Taj Mahal. The services offered were nowhere less than offered in my country, and still the cost was way too less. I am very happy with the procedure and quality care provided to me.

     Patrick Upton
    Patrick Upton 38 years, Ireland
  • I went through vasectomy surgery when I was 34 years old and had 2 beautiful daughters. But in an unfortunate accident I lost my wife and two daughters. Fortunately, I met Susan at age of 38 and we decided to have a baby. When I contacted my doctors, I was told that I am in the waiting list and it will take around 18 months to clear the list. We started looking on the internet for other options that could fit our plan pocket. It was then we found Jovial Care and services offered by them. We sent our details to Paridhee Kothari, who connected us with the doctors in India. Doctor assured that our surgery is risk free and they have all the latest technology available at a fraction of cost compared to UK. Jovial Care team was kind enough to make all the arrangements for us, and they especially took care of our meal (since we can’t handle spicy food). We were really happy with the services offered and now looking forward to go back to UK and grow our family.

    Daniel Lanyx
    Daniel Lanyx 38 years, UK
  • I have been staying in Nigeria for past 45 years and have seen medical facilities from null to where it is right now. But still I don’t feel confident enough to go through surgery in Nigeria. When my doctor recommended to go through Knee replacement surgery, the next big question for me was to select the country for surgery. After looking at the prices in US and UK, I decided to look for options in India. While researching hospitals in India, I came across Jovial Care. They responded to my query within 4 hours and were able to answer all my questions in just a few emails. After sharing my reports and all specifics needs, Jovial Care team connected me with the doctor. I was very happy with the communication channel set by Jovial Care between me and my doctor. After my surgery, I was in India for 6 weeks under observation. Jovial Care team arrange special vehicle for me to travel around and also did a free health checkup for my husband. Thanks to Jovial Care, I never had any issues or problems in India. I really appreciate the proactive support and guidance provided by the Jovial Care team.

    Ljeoma Padya
    Ljeoma Padya 57 years, Nigeria
  • Life was full of stress, tension, and constant worry about future before I went to the stress buster camp through Jovial Care. I think apart from the money, my company has also given me a busy and stressful life. I didn’t wanted to go through psychiatrist or take anti-depression medicines, so I started looking for alternate medicine. Thanks to Jovial Care, who introduced me to Ayurveda and Naturopathy. With the help of Jovial Care, I made all my booking for a 10 days Stress Buster Camp in Southern part of India. I stayed in a state called Kerala, where I was served the most healthy and pure veg food. The facilities and activities at the resort helped me forget all the stress and most importantly taught me the right way to live my life. I am thankful to Jovial Care for taking such a good care of me and helping with visa and other travel needs. 

    Swaraj Jagyar
    Swaraj Jagyar 43 years, Bangladesh
  • It was my dream to visit India and experience the culture it is known for. After my annual health check up, I came to know that I need my wisdom tooth extracted. One of my friend from India suggested to get this done in India and travel around to explore the colorful India. Based on his recommendation, I started looking for the medical tourism companies that can help me with my trip. After lots of research, I decided to speak with Jovial Care team and was amazed by their quick response time. Within three days they convinced me that India is the best place for my medical need and I will be paying just 20% of what I otherwise would be paying in Dubai. They arranged a private taxi with driver for me and were available to answer any of my queries all day around. I was very happy with the hospital and it was exactly as mentioned & promised by the Jovial Care team. All my apprehension of getting treated in India was gone, when I met other international patients at Jovial Care’s head office. I would really recommend Jovial Care for all your medical and travel needs in India.  

    Syed Mukrar
    Syed Mukrar 35 years, Dubai

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