Jovial Care is a Global Healthcare Facilitator dedicated to gather India’s expertise in Medical Services as well as renowned hospitality to give patients best all round experience. In the past 20 years, India has made progress in healthcare by leaps and bounds. We value and understand the significance of alternative medicines. So our goal is to provide all the possible alternatives to the patients.

Irrespective of which medical treatment patients goes with, we want to ensure that it is cost elective, quality driven, flexible schedule, and customized to patient’s needs. We understand the pain of staying away from home, so we want to ensure that the patients get the same care and attention when in India with us. Our team of professional care takers will make sure that the entire process is quick, smooth, and trouble ­free.

“We are on a mission to make Healthcare & Medical services transparent and hassle free”


Facilitate medical and healthcare services for domestic and international patients. Our strong partner network across India help us in meeting all the needs patient might have. We do not charge anything to the patient.

India has emerged as one of the sought after destination for medical tourists across the globe owing to its high value proposition in terms of quality healthcare, pool of specialist and availability of alternate therapies.

Medical Tourism refers to the practice of patients seeking healthcare beyond borders.The cost benefit of travelling to India for Healthcare could lie anywhere between 30% to 70% and sometimes even more.

Globally medical tourism industry has witnessed a steady growth in the recent years and especially in developing countries like India where the rapidly growing infrastructure has helped in taking a leading position in this industry.


Our team at Jovial Care is dedicated to serve our clients with utmost care and sincerity. We understand the apprehension faced before getting treated in foreign land. Our excellent hospitality team, travel team, client­relationship team, and partner hospitals strive to give you the best experience. We will be there to guide you at every step and make sure that you go home stress­free and pain­free. Here’s a gist of services that we offer.

Medical consultancy before patients makes a decision to fly down.

Affordable medical treatment plans customized as per the patient’s preference.

Remote follow ­up facility for post treatment.

Customized travel plans with flexible schedule.

Different alternative medicines/treatments to choose from.

Corporate stress relief programs and wellness camps.

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