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How are you able to offer such a low cost in India?

India as a country is blessed with huge number of good Hospitals and Doctors (including the best internationally accredited hospitals), so there’s lot of competition. Secondly, the growing difference in the exchange rate has been like a cherry on the cake!!

Does low medical cost result in lower medical standards in India?

This can be best answered by the international accreditation that Indian hospitals enjoy, and also the growing number of medical tourists in India proves it otherwise.

Why choose Jovial Care?

Jovial Care as a platform believes in giving best options to the individuals that are cost elective.We provide 100% transparency on the medical bills, which means no hidden charges & no inflated bills. Lastly, we cure with care. Our team at Jovial Care is dedicated and focused to extend all possible help and support to our customers. Contact us for a free consultation.

Why visit India for medical treatment?

India’s medical facilities and doctors are renowned globally and sought after. With Jovial Care, you can get treated from the best doctor at a renowned hospital with state­of­the­art facilities and caring staff. Another good reason for visiting India is the cost effective options it has as compared to other countries.


Procedure cost (USD) US Thailand Singapore Malaysia UAE South Korea Mexico Costa Rica India
Heart bypass 1,30,000 11,000 18,500 9,000 40,900 31,700 27,000 24,100 7,000
Heart valve replacement 1,60,000 10,000 12,500 9,000 50,600 42,000 30,000 30,000 9,500
Hip replacement 43,000 12,000 12,000 10,000 46,000 10,600 13,900 11,400 7,020
Knee replacement 40,000 10,000 13,000 8,000 40,200 11,800 14,900 10,700 9,200
What’s the step­-by-­step procedure?

We have tried our best to simplify the complex process of getting treated in a foreign country.
Our team at Jovial Care is trained and skilled to help you at any step.

  • Patient sends a query and medical reports to Jovial Care
  • We connect the patient and doctor for the first round of consulting, and confirm whether the patient is fit to travel
  • Send him quotes of different hospitals which best serves his ailment (Names of the best Hospitals and the name of the doctor who will be treating them in the respective hospital).
  • Patient selects the hospital and signs all the required paperwork for Medical Visa
  • Patients gets connected with our travel department to select the best itinerary that suits his plan
  • While Patient is in India, we meet, greet and take care of their needs
  • We organize and recommend tours and trips exploring the natural beauty of India
  • Post treatment follow­up in your country (as recommended by the Doctor)
Can I deny Surgery after reaching India?

Yes, you can deny surgery or treatment at any stage. We understand and appreciate your decision. But some percentage of treatment charges will have to be borne by the patients as per hospital’s discretion. Each hospital has its own terms & conditions and cancellation charges.

Thus, the charges will vary accordingly and Jovial Care doesn’t have any control over it.

How can I ensure that I am eligible for travel and surgery?

This is the first thing that our doctors will check in the initial consultation. This evaluation will be completely based on the previous test reports and diagnosis description shared by you with our doctors. Only if the doctor confirms that you can travel and get treated in India, we will move to the next step.

What if I don’t feel good after returning back from India?

This happens rarely because doctor recommends you to stay in India for certain days after the surgery is complete. Only when the doctor and patient mutually agree that the patient is fine to travel, patient is recommended to fly. We will arrange for Video consultancy with doctor and will try to figure out whether the problem is due to the recent treatment or there’s some other ailment. Based on the finding, next step will be suggested by the doctor.

What if my health deteriorates while in India?

You will only be discharged from the hospital when doctor feels that your health is stable. If your health deteriorates, you will be provided best health support available at that time. We promise to serve you within best of our abilities in India, and will leave no stone unturned.

How will I commute in India?

There are lots of travel options available in India. We recommend that you make all your travel arrangements in India through us, so we can track and manage it efficiently. During your India stay, we can arrange private taxi or car at a very economic price. But you are free to use public transport like bus, taxi, metro, etc. as per your need.

How much Jovial Care will charge me?

Jovial Care will not charge you anything extra for the treatment that you will be undergoing at the hospital.

If the patient requests for the extra services like local SIM card, private vehicle, interpreter etc. then these will be charged as per the actual expense incurred and will not be a part of the treatment package.

Who will manage all my booking?

Managing and making all the travel booking is a big hassle. We understand that and that is why we have our travel partners, who will take care of all your travel needs. Our travel partners are expert in providing the best price without compensating comfort and schedule flexibility.

Can I book and manage my own itinerary?

Yes, you are free to do so. But we advise you to go with our travel partners, so we can take care of all the hassle and provide you with the best possible rates.

Will my Insurance work in India?

It depends on your insurance and the hospital you pick in India. Before you make a decision about the hospital, you can check with your Insurance Company. Once you have made a decision about the hospital, we can check and confirm what all charges will be covered by your Insurance.

How will I make payment to Hospitals?

You should make all the payments directly to the hospital or to our travel partner. Generally, hospitals in India accept all major credit cards, and cash. Our team can help you with the currency exchange or cashing traveller’s cheque.

How to get in touch with Jovial Care team?

You can contact us on the numbers provided on the website (+91-22-40033131), WhatsApp (+91 9769026723, +91 9869324298), email (contact@jovialcare.com), or Skype us (jovialcare).

How will I overcome language barrier?

All the doctors, hospital staff, and travel operators are trained to speak English and Hindi. We can also arrange language translators and interpreters as per your need.

Do I need to get an attendant with me?

Though hospital staff and our team will always be there to take care of you. It is always advisable to travel with a partner or attendant when coming for a major surgery. When in surgery, doctors generally coordinate any emergency situation with the attendant. We also have some special offers for the attendants for their health check up while you are recovering.

Am I charged extra when Jovial Care makes all the travel arrangements?

No, we do not charge anything extra for making all the travel arrangements. The travel team at Jovial Care is dedicated to provide you the best price and most flexible itinerary. Our goal is to make your trip as convenient and hassle­free as possible.

Do I need a visa to travel to India for the treatment?

It depends on your nationality. If visa is required, then you can apply for a Medical Visa (M-Visa). More information on this could be obtained at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/.

Will Jovial Care help me in getting Medical visa (M­Visa)?

Yes, we will guide and provide you with all the documents that are required from our end. More information about the visa can be obtained at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/

Does patient’s assistant also need a visa?

Yes, every foreign national coming to India needs a visa. Attendant/family members of the patient coming to India for medical treatment shall be granted miscellaneous visa co­terminus with the ‘M Visa’ of the patient. Such visa may be granted to spouse/ children or those who have blood relations with the patient. Such visa will be called ‘MX visa’.

How many attendants are allowed with the patient?

Maximum 2 attendants are allowed with the patient.

Why should we get associated with Jovial Care?

Jovial care has partners around the globe. Our partners will help you to have continuous in­flow of patients from around the globe. Thus giving your hospital a platform to shine at an international level.

Which all countries is Jovial care targeting?

We are targeting both developed and underdeveloped nations. Developed countries are targeted, so we can provide high quality medical services at low cost. Whereas underdeveloped countries are targeted so we can provide better health services at affordable prices.

What are the prerequisites to get associated with Jovial Care?

We only work with top notch and internationally accredited hospitals. High quality medical services and proper attention to patient’s need are the two key things we always look for. We suggest you to contact us and our business team will get in touch with you within 48hrs.

Have any more questions?

Contact us with any questions, queries, or concerns. Our team is always available to help you.

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