Pediatric Surgeries

Pediatric Surgeries

Jovial Care is happy to help you with the best quality low cost medical procedures for Pediatric surgeries. The medical services at Jovial Care hospitals (In India) cost about 70-80 percent lesser than the first world countries.

If your child has an illness, injury, or disease that requires surgery, a Pediatric surgeon has the experience and qualifications to treat your child. Surgical problems seen by Pediatric surgeons are often quite different from those commonly seen by adult or general surgeons. Hence, Pediatric surgery is a subspecialty of surgery involving the surgery of Fetus, Infants, Children and young adults.

Below mentioned are a few Pediatric surgeries:

Pediatric Surgeries
  • Pediatric Cardiothoracic: Surgery on the child’s heart and/or lungs which includes heart and lung transplantation.
  • Pediatric Nephrological surgery: Surgery on the child’s kidneys and uterus including renal or kidney transplantation.
  • Pediatric Neurosurgery: Surgery on the child’s brain, central nervous system, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves.
  • Pediatric Urological surgery: Surgery on the child’s urinary bladder and other structures below the kidney necessary for ejaculation.
  • Pediatric Emergency surgery: Surgery involving Fetus or embryos (overlapping with obstetric/ gynaecological surgery, neonatology, and maternal-Fetal medicine) or the type of surgery involving adolescents or young adults.
  • Pediatric Hepatological (liver) and Gastrointestinal (stomach and intestines) surgery: Surgery including liver and intestinal transplantation in children.
  • Pediatric Orthopedic surgery: Surgery in children relating to the muscle and bone.
  • Pediatric Oncological surgery: Surgery relating to childhood cancer.

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