Top 10 Health Benefits of Cabbage

Top 10 Health Benefits of Cabbage


Cabbage is an important element of a healthy diet with abundant nutritional value. It belongs to the brassica family and is available in almost 400 varieties all across the world in its varied shapes, sizes and colors. Some of the known forms are red cabbage, green cabbage, savoy, and wombok. However, the light green variety is most common that is known be rich in dietary fibers, phytonutrients, iron, manganese, folate, calcium, potassium and certain vitamins that play an essential role in promoting and maintaining good health. Whether taken in raw form or cooked form, the vegetable is a blessing for human health with amazing benefits.


Some of the known top 10 health benefits of cabbage are:

Remedy against Cancer: Cabbages can effectively fight against the risk of cancer and also helps inhibit the growth of tumor. These cancer fighting properties come from lupeol, sinigrin, indole-3-carbinol and sulforaphane present in cabbage.


Weight Loss Cure: The vegetable is low in calorie content and can be helpful to prevent obesity. It contains good amount of Vitamin B that helps to boost the metabolic rate. Adding to this cabbage soup and cooked cabbage provide minimum calories with maximum health benefits, thereby preventing obesity.


Smooth Functioning of Digestive System: This is because it contains good amount of dietary fiber that in turn helps relieves constipation and increase water absorption, thereby resulting in smooth functioning of the digestive system.


Food to a Healthy Heart: Due to the presence of electrolyte potassium cabbages are also great for the health of the central nervous system as well as the heart. It also helps to reduce levels of bad cholesterol and maintain optimum levels of good cholesterol.


Skin Healing Properties: Being rich in vitamin A and E cabbages can also help to maintain a youthful, glowing and flawless skin. It is also an effective cure to heal skin eruptions like acne, rashes, psoriasis and wounds. Further to this the present combination of Vitamin A, C and D in cabbage works to provide amazing anti-aging benefits while providing the skin prevention from harmful ultraviolet radiations.


Boost Immune System: Cabbages also cure infections and are capable of boosting the production of antibodies in the human body. This is turn strengthens the immune system and provide smooth functioning of the overall body mechanism.


Cure for Peptic Ulcers: The vegetable is known to have good amount of glutamine content that beholds anti-ulcer properties, thereby working to be an effective cure for peptic or stomach ulcers.


Relieve Sore Muscles: Due to the presence of lactic acid in cabbage, it helps relieve sore muscles.


Excellent Hair Benefits: Due to rich content of an antioxidant, Vitamin A, in the vegetable, cabbage helps stimulate hair growth. Whether it is applied topically in combination with other important ingredients like cucumber and lemon or consumed orally in the form of juice, both the forms deliver astounding results when it comes to delivering smooth, shiny and silky hair.


Prevent Cataract: Rich amount of beta carotene helps in prevention of vision loss or blindness that occurs as a result of age, further eliminating the risk of cataract.

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