Why visit India for medical treatment?


Best in Class infrastructure

Hospitals in India are not only the most technologically advanced but are also best in class!! India has 23 JCI accredited hospitals and 347 NABH hospitals which are the most respected accreditation across globe.

Low Cost

Low Cost is one of the most significant factor that drives people from around the world to India.

Qualified Doctors

Many international doctors who are renowned in their field often travel to India to treat patient as they know that Indian hospitals have all the facilities required for best treatment. India has one of the most qualified and respected pool of doctors around the world.

Zero wait time

In most of the developed countries the wait time for any surgery is a good few months. Whereas in India the wait is almost negligible, this is because of the excellent healthcare infrastructure present.

Good Host

India is a land of cultural Values and so Indian are one of the best hosts in the world!! When it comes to hosting and treating nobody can do it better than Indians. We endeavor to make each stay a memorable one.

Geographically Blessed

India ranks in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, so any medical trip can be easily converted into a leisure trip which can perfectly help patient to come out of that aura!!  And one can easily recuperate while holidaying.

Fluent English

India has the largest English speaking population in the world, so communication is not a barrier.

Ease of Travel

The government has eased the visa norms for Medical tourists and introduced a visa-on-arrival scheme for tourists from selected countries to help in Medical tourism.

Alternative Medicine

It has also been observed that alternative traditional medicine like ayurveda, pranic healing, aromatherapy, music therapy, meditation and yoga are becoming popular among the medical tourists. Many tourists come to India to seek the divine peace and healing power provided by these alternative medical therapies. This provides India an extra advantage over the other countries.


As India has become one of most popular medical hub and accordingly knowing its responsibility nowadays hospitals and doctors in India are moving step ahead and making it sure that there is proper follow up and monitoring post treatment/post surgery.

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